La Rioja Region

La Rioja is a single Province Capital: Logroño.

La Rioja is both a province and an autonomous region located in the North of Spain. It is situated between Castilla La Mancha to the south, Castilla León to the west, Aragón to the east and Navarra and the Pais Vasco to the north. It is a very fertile part of Spain and has an abundant supply of water due to the 7 major rivers that flow through it: the Oja, the Najerilla, the Iregua, the Leza, the Jubera, the Cidacos and the Alhama all of which end up in the Ebro, which also flows through this province. La Rioja is also known as the province with 7 valleys it is a small province but it is very rich in natural resources it is one of Spain’s most famous wine producing areas.

Cities Logroño: originated in Roman times, it owed its growth during the middle Ages to its position on the pilgrim route to Saniago de Compostela as much as to its production of wool. An ancient walled town, Logroño has both old and modern quarters. Notable landmarks are the churches of Santiago el Real (16th century), Santa María la Redonda (15th–17th century), and Santa María del Palacio (11th century) and the Instituto, a museum of art reproductions. A trade centre in an agricultural and wine-growing district, Logroño is known for its Rioja wine. Industries include food processing, metalworking, sawmilling, and the manufacture of furniture and textiles.

Haro: Famous for its festival the Battle of Wine, or in Spanish, La Batalla del Vino which takes place every year. On June 29th (St. Peter’s Feast Day), thousands of people turn out in the streets with plastic jugs, botas (leather bags filled with wine) or whatever they have handy and they squirt each other with wine until everyone is soaked, then they run to the plaza to dance traditional dances.

Food and Cuisine of the Region: Cuisine from the Rioja is based on natural products like artichokes, asparagus, mushrooms, red peppers, gem lettuces, potatoes and pulses. There are many vineyards, olive groves and fruit trees too. Rioja has good pastures leading to very good quality meat and cheeses. The most typical dishes are vegetable stew Rioja style, tripe and pigs trotters, snails, butter beans, lamb stew, roasted red peppers, lamb chops and for dessert there is marzipan, pears in wine and fried almond pastries. Renowned for superb wine La Rioja, of which there are seven varieties, four red and three white.