Région d’Abbruzzo

The four Provinces of Abruzzo:

  1. Chieti
  2. L’Aquila
  3. Pescara
  4. Teramo

Abruzzo, which is also known as Abruzzi, is located in south central Italy between the central Apennines and the Adriatic coast and is bordered by Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Molise, and the Adriatic Sea. This region is one of the least populated regions in Italy and is picturesque in its scenery. There are many old abandoned farms which remain largely intact and the country side is rich with historic sites. Abruzzo has two distinct parts. The western side of the region is mountainous whilst the eastern side of the region consists mostly of rolling foothills sloping down to long stretches of wide, sandy coastline. The three main rivers in Abruzzo are the Aterno-Pescara, the Sangro and the Vomano which flow from the mountains down to the Adriatic Sea.

The region has 21 ski areas with 368 km. of runs, all within a few hours of Rome. Located in the highest region of the Apennines, these ski areas are at heights nearly comparable to many Alpine resorts. The most developed resort being Roccaraso, followed by Campo Felice, and Campo Imperatore. While Abruzzo is well known for its wonderful ski resorts it also hosts many beach resorts on its 129 km. long coastline, among them Vasto on the southern coast; mid-coast are Silvi Marina whose sands are considered among the best in Italy, Giulianova, Francavilla al Mare and Pineto and on Abruzzo’s northern coast are Alba Adriatica and Martinsicuro.

One third of the Abruzzo region is designated as national or regional parkland. The following parks lie, wholly or partially, within Abruzzo:

  • Abruzzo National Park
  • Grann Sasso e Monti della Laga National Park
  • Majella National Park, Sirente Velino Regional Park and Lago di Barrea (Lake Wetlands).

Local Cuisine: Spaghetti all’amatriciana : spaghetti alla chitarra, square strands of pasta served with a tomato sauce: gnochetti con fagioli di Paganica, the local version of pasta e fagioli : fagioli e cotiche di maiale, stewed beans and pork rind : prosciutto di cinghiale, wild boar ham : testicoli di mulo, small round lean pork sausages, pecorino d’Abruzzo, local sheep’s cheese : mozzarelle and scamorze, a naturally dried cheese that is roasted on the grill : burrata, rare delicacy consisting of a ball of tangy cheese with a soft “butter”-like centre : salame di fegato pazzo, spiced liver salami : salame di fegato dolce, liver salami made with honey : roast or grilled lamb (agnello) or pork (maiale) : Montepulciano d’Abruzzo a red wine, rosatello aquilano, a rosé wine, or Corfinio della Valle Peligna, a light white wine.

Places of interest to see in Abruzzo

Pescasseroli: A tourist resort in both summer for hiking and winter for skiing and ice skating also has ruins of a 13th century castle, churches, and a natural history museum. L’Aquila: A medieval town dating from 1240 in a pretty setting. Sulmona: Conserves much of its medieval past such as its Cathedral, churches, architecture, a medieval gate and aqueduct. Pescara: The largest city in the Abruzzo region. A good example of a modern Italian city and still retains some historic elements. Teramo: Has a Roman theatre that is still used today for sports and cultural events and other Roman remains. Castelli: Famous for its ceramics and has an Art Institute and Ceramics Museum. Chieti: Has both Roman and medieval remains, the best archaeology museum in the region, a good art museum, and interesting churches. Fontecchio: Medieval walled village with a castle in Sirente-Velino Natural Park. Its tower has one of the oldest clocks in Italy. Avezzano: nearby are the Alba Fucens Roman ruins, Orsini Castle, and Mount Velino.

Cocullo : A small medieval village with a Piccolomini Castle. Scanno: Famous for its gold works and traditional costumes. Rivisondoli : is a popular mountain resort both in summer and in winter. It is one of the biggest cheese producing towns in the Abruzzo. Carpineto: Holds the Sagra della Porchetta, with tastings of porchetta and ventricina, music and dancing. Villa Santa Maria: Called the City of Cooks because of its culinary institute, La Scuola Alberghiera. Most Beatiful Villages – Abruzzo

The following Italian towns and villages in Abruzzo are listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy:

  • Anversa degli Abruzzi
  • Bugnara : Castel del Monte
  • Castelli
  • Città Sant’Angelo
  • Civitella del Tronto
  • Guardiagrele : Introdacqua
  • Navelli
  • Opi
  • Pacentro
  • Pescocostanzo
  • Pettorano sul Gizio
  • Pietracamela
  • Rocca
  • an Giovanni
  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio
  • Scanno
  • Tagliacozzo
  • Villalago

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