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Normandy_coat_of_arms The Normandy region consists of five departments:

  • 76 Seine Maritime – main city Rouen
  • 27 Eure – main city Evreux
  • 14 Calvados – main city Caen
  • 50 Manche – main city Saint- Lô
  • 61 Orne – main city Alencon

Regional capital Lower Normandy: Caen

Normandy is placed in history as the landing grounds for the World War 2 D Day invasion. The British beaches (Sword, Gold Beaches), Canadian (Juno) and the American beaches (Omaha Beach, Utah Beach) were names given in the war and have remained, the original ones never to be reverted to. Normandy is split into two areas; Upper Normandy and Lower Normandy and is located in North West France on the English Channel coast between Brittany and Picardy.

Parts of Normandy are typified by pasture for dairy cattle and apple orchards. Norman cheeses include Camembert, Livatot, Pont l’Évêque, Brillat-Savarin, Neufchatel, Petit Suisse and Boursin. Normandy also produces rich butter and cream. Fish and seafood are of a very high quality in Normandy. Turbot and oysters are major delicacies and are enjoyed throughout France. Normandy is the chief oyster-cultivating, scallop-exporting and mussel-raising region in France.

Normandy| Transport and removals| UK| Spain| Belgium|Italy| Switzerland| part removals| art work| motorbikes motorcycles| excess luggage| personal belongingsNormandy is also a major cider-producing region (very little wine is produced). Perry is also produced, but in less quantities. Apple brandy, the most famous variety calvados, is also popular. Pommeau , another regional speciality is an aperitif produced by blending unfermented cider and apple brandy. Another aperitif is the kir normand, a measure of crème de cassis topped up with cider. Benedictine is produced in Fecamp.

By Car Rouen is 133 km (a little over an hour) from Paris on the A13 Autoroute. The same route also connects Rouen to Lower Normandy and Brittany.

By Train There is an SNCF train station in Rouen, about 1-1.5 hours from Paris on the Corail Intercité train. The high-speed TGV train is available from Marseille to Rennes and the Mont St. Michel, and takes about 8.5 hours. The TER train will also take you to various destinations in Upper Normandy.

By Plane Flights are available to Rouen Airport via Lyon from many French and international cities, including New York, Marseille, Nice, Rome, Barcelona, and many more. The flight time from Lyon to Rouen is approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

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