Liege Province

Liège Belgium’s fourth largest city, after Brussels, Antwerp, and Charleroi and is the main regional city in the province and the largest centre in Wallonia. Mostly an industrial city it is located near the German and Dutch border, and is about half an hour away from each border city; Aachen (Germany) and Maastricht (The Netherlands) it is also known as the most Francophile place in Belgium.

Liege is situated at the crossroads of an important motorway network linking Paris, Amsterdam and Cologne, and being the 3 rd largest river port in Europe and an important trade centre for inland river traffic. The waterways of the Rhine and Ruhr, the Albert Canal, which links the Scheldt with the Meuse, and the canals crossing Hainaut from France, unite in Liège and continue into the Netherlands.

Liege was one of the first places on the continent to start mining coal, thereby creating the base for the coal and steel industry and where 40% of Belgian steel production is based. Other industries include textiles, food, electrical equipment, chemical products, glassware (famous glass production in Val Saint-Lambert), and weapons manufacture.

List of Locations in the Liege Province of Belgium:

  • Liège
  • Seraing
  • Verviers
  • Herstal.